Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Math Poster Freebie

Sorry I haven't gotten the jobs chart started  completed yet.  Tomorrow will wrap up my third week of summer school with one left to go.  I have been working every afternoon in my classroom.  I am trying to get my room ready by the time summer school is over so that I don't have to step foot in school during July.  Yeah right, who am I kidding.  I really do plan on spending 99% of my time, at the pool, with my kids in July.  I will take my laptop or iPad with  me to design some things for next year.  So hopefully I will have some more freebies in July.  I created this for Kim tonight.  I hope you enjoy.  I plan on creating one in red, black & white to match my room also. 

I am off to go pack for a short trip to the beach this weekend with my sister-in-law and nieces.  I love spur-of-the-moment trips like this.  My boys and I are really excited. 


  1. I love these posters. These will be great to use in my room. Do you think you could use a different font? The mirror effect tends to "mess with my kids" (I know weird lol)


  2. We have awarded you The Lovely Blog award! Stop by our blog to pick it up :)

    -Katie and Lisen

  3. What program do you use to design all your awesomeness? I love it all!