Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Currently

I finally found time to do another currently. It's amazing what a four day weekend and a three hour Sunday nap can do for a girl. So click on the picture below if you want to join in on the fun.


It is almost midnight and I can't sleep because of the nap I took earlier.

I have really enjoyed this four day weekend. I have cleaned and visited with family. Tomorrow is all about spending times with my kids. The worst part is that it came so early this year. This is our last holiday before we get out at the end of May.

I am really glad my kids are growing up, I just wish it would happen a little slower. My oldest son just got his permit. It seems like he was a baby just a few years ago.

My goal for this month is to worry about today only. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

My advise is for creating. Just create things you can use yourself. Others will find them helpful and more useful.