Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello. I'm still alive. Grade 3 Happenings!!!

I just barely have my head above water, but I am still breathing. It has been way too long since we chatted. Pull up a chair and let's catch up over a cup of diet Mountain Dew. I drink coffee, but it is too hot right now. Yes I'm glad my air is working tonight. It has gone out three times since school started. Speaking of school we started our 5th week today. I have some exciting news that I've been meaning to share. (Remember I've been about to drown here.) I looped to third grade this year with my class!!! I know right! I can't believe I haven't told you either. I promise I have thought about you many times. Family first though. I do have 2 teenage sons who lie to have fun.

I am no longer Grade 2 Happenings. :(

I am now Grade 3 Happenings! :)

I haven't decided if I like looping or not. I know that 2nd grade was easier. I could teach it in my sleep after 10 years of practice. Now I am about to pull my hair out trying to figure out all of the tricks of teaching third grade.

This has been most hectic year yet.

1) New grade

2) I'm a mentor (surely I'm not old enough for that)

3) new grade

4) Moved to a new classroom and I'm just now starting to get it jut right.

5) new grade

I have to get some sleep now. You finish your coffee or whatever you are having and stay up all night. I'll try to post pictures of my room this week.

I did snap these pictures of my focus boards with my phone.

I bought this packet from TPT.
I bought these common core posters from TPT.

As you can see I have a mimio that I am currently using. I will not have the mimio after tomorrow. Today I got a surprise package delivered! I had no idea I was getting it! Check back this weekend to find out what I received. It will be installed Thursday. During school. While I have students. And I am trying to teach. BUT IT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT I TELL YA! Come back this weekend. Good night friend.