Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guess what I got for free today?

Today I had to run to town with my mom. I had seen this great post here.

I decided to run in Office Max and pick up a file box and some hanging file folders for my 31 school bag. Here's how mine turned out. Sorry about the low quality pictures. I took them with my phone.

I think this is the greatest idea ever for this bag. Now my papers won't get bent or crumpled.

Now for my freebie. As I was standing in line I heard the cashier tell the woman in front of me that she was getting 5 free composition notebooks for spending at least $5. What? Shut the front door! Free composition notebooks. I got out of line and found a nice young man to tell me where the free composition notebooks where located. I decided I would at least try and beat the system. I got ten composition notebooks. I thought I would be really smart and pay for my items seperately so I could receive 10 free notebooks. What? You know you would do the same thing! I got back in line. When it was my turn to check out with an extremely friendly cashier, I asked him if he could look up my max perks card because I can never keep up with all those cards I left it at home in another purse. He looked it up and said that since I was a teacher I could also get an additional 5 notebooks free. Shut the front door again!!! I asked him if I could also get 5 more for my second order. He said of course and that he could ring it all up together. Well that is 20 free notebooks and I have 26 kids. ................ My brain starting working. I informed him that I had 26 kids and asked if I could purchase 6 additional notebooks so everyone would have one. "No problem, I will give you 26 free notebooks. We really appreciate everything you teachers do," he said. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! Not only did he find a box to put all of my loot in, he put it in a buggie, carried it to my car, and put it in my car for me. Office Max is now my favorite place to shop!!! I love free stuff!!!


  1. Make sure you queue up at his checkout next time, and bat those little teacher eyes at him again! My goodness, you scored yourself well with that haul of notebooks....

  2. That's awesome!!!!! I love free stuff too!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  3. WOW!! That's a deal!! I love when good things happen like that! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. I have the same bag and I just ordered my hanging folder container on Amazon! =) So cute!

    Ginger Snaps

  5. I've been considering getting a 31 bag but haven' committed quite yet. and ooh! a laminator! i always pass it up in Walmart and always consider getting, but FREE is always better hehe

  6. whoops looks like i was over reading your posts and commented about the laminator on the wrong one haha. BTW, walmart and target have always been my go to back to school shopping stores but I did notice that stores like office depot, office max and staples actually had better deals! I took advantage of the free notebooks like you did as well as the free crayons =p