Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back 2 School/Open House

Yesterday I went back for my first workday. It was good to see everybody. We basically sat in a meeting, had a small break, sat in another meeting, set up for the luncheon, had the luncheon, cleaned up after the luncheon, had another meeting, worked in our room for 10 minutes. If you were super teacher you were then free to leave. I am not super teacher. Open House is today from 1-6. I had to get my room ready. We have more meetings today from 8-12.

I don't know how y'all do luncheons at your school. We are a small district. We have one elementary, one middle, and one high school. We have a beginning of the year luncheon and an end of the year luncheon. Each school has to take turns hosting. Last year we didn't have to do any of the work enjoyed the luncheons hosted by the middle and high school. This year it was our turn. Because we are more creative elementary teachers we tend to go all out. Last week our principal called some of the teachers in on our day off to make these.

These were the center pieces for our tables at the luncheon. They were a lot of hard work fun to make. I had to come home and take a 2 hour nap after we were finished. I was too tired to blog about them last week. Making them took something out of me that I haven't gotten back yet. They were worth it. We each got to keep one after the luncheon. This is now mine.


Now back on track. I didn't leave at 3:30. I wanted to leave and go get a butterscotch snow cone. I called my husband to tell him I was going to get the snowcone (I have to go to the next town, we don't have a snowcone stand). The phone conversation went something like this. Me: I am going to go get a snowcone and then come back to finish my room. Him: You have worked all summer what else is there to do. Me: Lots. Him: I thought we would go out to eat since the kids are at your mom's house. Me: Well if you will come help me finish then we can go eat, if not you are on your own because I am going to get a snowcone for dinner. So he came to help, we went to eat, & the snowcone stand was closed by the time we finished. So today I will get a snowcone for lunch. He stuffed my envelopes and fixed my binders for me.

Here is my room ready for Open House.

My angels will bring their supplies with them today. My goal is for them to organize their supplies today themselves so I am not at school until midnight tonight doing it myself. Here is a look at my system.

It is very high tech. They read the board and put their supplies in the correct spot.


I think I have failed to mention. I HAVE 27 ANGELS ON MY LIST!!!!!!!!!! I have never taught 27 angels always been lucky enough to have around 20 angels. I don't think I can handle it will have to learn to handle 27 angels. These cups are for poor angels that don't have a spot in the supply storage on the back of the door. We were supposed to have 24 kids each. So when we sent our copies up we only got 25 copies each. So now I have to make 2 more copies of all of my papers for the 1st 2 weeks of school.

This is what will be on their desks. The papers on the right will be for the parents to fill out today and leave with me, so I can get to know their children over the weekend before school starts Monday. The manilla envelope is full of papers for the parents to take home and fill out over the weekend. I can't remember where I got the binder covers or the welcome bags. If you really need to know leave your e-mail address and I will search until I find out.
Because I have 27 angels, I have decided I need room parents this year. So I made this sign to hang outside my room to hopefully get volunteers.

I made these to give my team mates in 2nd grade. I got the idea from Pinterest from several different sources.

Our theme this year is Rock and Roll. Our elementary t-shirts say Jackets Keep Calm and Rock On. So when I saw this coffee mug I had to get it. This is pretty much going to be my motto this year with my 27 angels.

Wish me luck today.



  1. I LOVE the school supply display!! Oh my gosh, 27 kids?! Remember to take lots of deep breaths! :) You'll do great!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Everything looks great!!! I love your room. My mom is actually make those school supply "cakes" for me and a few teacher friends. I'm not supposed to know.... but she slipped ;) Yours turned out amazing!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  3. I'm your newest follower. You look really ready to start! They are finally cleaning my room TODAY! We don't start until Sept. 4th, but I'd like to get in there to get going,
    Stop by and see my second grade blog.