Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teacher's Gonna Snap Elf Linky

I am excited to be linking up with Mrs. Nelson for Teacher's Gonna Snap: Elf Edition

My kids have enjoyed having Jingle, our elf, in our room this week. I blogged about him coming to our room here. I am going to let you take a peek at the pictures we have of him so far. I will continue to add more pictures to this blog post between now and Christmas. Be sure to check back for more ideas. I look forward to linking up and sharing ideas with everyone else.

Week 1

On Monday morning, we came in to find Jingle in our Christmas tree. He had also left each student Elf Kisses on their desks.

The room was buzzing when the kiddos starting arriving. There was talk of don't touch him or he will freeze and shhh be quiet or we will be on Santa's naughty list.


Tuesday morning, we arrived to find that Jingle had moved to our word wall. He had it all messed up a little. He didn't want the teacher to spend much time straightening it out.


This morning (Wednesday) we came in to find that Jingle must have a sweet tooth. He was in our candy and from the looks of the wrappers on the floor, he enjoyed quite a bit.

"Oh no, that means we can't have candy all day!" the children were saying. I said, "I guess we will just have to eat the suckers." (because I am a super nice teacher like that)

GASP. The principal came in at snack time like he usually does. He has the same sweet tooth as Jingle. He picked up our candy bucket and the kids went crazy. I they gave a sigh of relief when I they were sure he wasn't going to touch Jingle.

Remember to check back for updates and more pictures of Jingle.

Thursday Jingle wrapped our Christmas tree with toilet paper. The kids thought this was hillarious.

On Friday, Jingle was reading a book to Spike. My kids wanted me to read the book, but wouldn't let me move because they were afraid I would touch Jingle. I am going to read it Monday. Notice the book is "How Santa Got His Elves".

Week two:

Jingle had a good time in the bandaids over the weekend.

On Wednesday morning, Jingle had climbed to the top of the supply cabinet to get better look.

Thursday morning, we found Jingle in our Golden Sneaker. He is looking for someone to give the Golden Sneaker to on Friday. This is part of our school-wide PBIS plan. Every Friday each teacher in K-2 has to pick a student to win the Golden Sneaker. This is just a cheap shoe that has been spray painted gold and screwed to a plaque. A bag of candy and goodies is inserted in the shoe. The kids get their picture taken and posted on the school's webite and facebook page. They get to take the Golden Sneaker home over the weekend to show their family. I don't really like having to pick just one kid each week. It takes a long time for every child to get it and some of the best kids get it last because I usually pick the worst talkative kids if they have had a really good week.

I just finished making a batch of divinity for my son to take to his Beta Club Christmas party tomorrow night. I am thinking that Friday Jingle may bring us some "snow candy" while we are at lunch. He will be missing Friday morning and show up after lunch with a note about being delayed because he was trying to gather enough snow and reindeer food (pecans) to make the candy. I have a no-fail recipe for divinity if anyone is interested. I have never made a bad batch in 14 years with this recipe, and I have even made it while it is raining.



  1. I love the elf kisses. I can't wait to see all of your pictures. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Newest Follower!!! Just linked up with the linky also!!! I love your elf...where did you get him....

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  3. Cute idea with the elf kisses, found you through the elf linky party. I am a new follower. Come see what we are doing with our Elf on the Shelf.


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  6. I love all the places your Elf visited and sweet surprises. My class named ours Chippey (like the movie) two years in a row (I looped with my class). I love your blog and am your newest follower. I also pinned you on my "Blogs I Love" board on pinterest....