Friday, July 27, 2012

Listening Center

I am again exhausted.  I worked in my room from 7-12 today.  Then I went bowling and skating with my sons and nieces.  I have been worried about my listening center because I don't have one.  I remembered I had one of these I am not longer using.

I decided I might be able to use this for 2 people if I ordered a headphone splitter.  I logged on to Amazon and found this amazing gadget.  I ordered one of course.

I now have a listening center for 5.  We added earbuds to our supply list this year.  Each angel can keep their headphones in a snack size ziploc bag in their book bags.  (I bought cheap bags instead of boxes this year because I have already broken my budget.  Maybe I can get book boxes next year.)

I imported the cds that go along with our Reading Street textbooks to itunes and loaded Unit 1 onto my iPod nano.  I had to create a playlist for each story to make it easy for the kids to navigate.  I will slowly add some of my books that I have on cd to my listening center this year.  I am now excited about my listening center because it will hardly take up any room and my room is small.


  1. I love this idea!! I am for anything that helps with the space problem. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 5 listening at a time!!! How clever - this is now at the top of my 'must have/need' list...
    ✿ Judy
    teaching with J

  3. I saw these not too long ago! I need to order one :)

  4. This looks great...what is the gadget called to split into five?