Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day and a pencil sharpener

I received this pencil sharpener before Christmas, while I had the shingles. I used it a few times to try it out. It gets the pencils really sharp and they last twice as long. This is by far the best nonelectric sharpener I have ever owned. The kids learned how to use it in no time. If you are looking for a great pencil sharpener then this is the one or you. I forgot to mention how quiet it is. Three more teachers on my hall ordered one after seeing mine. Our principal says he will order everybody one soon. I can't wait because then I will have two. I would really like to eventually have one for each group. It can be used without anchoring it down. The kids just pass it around.

We played this rounding bump game freebie from here. My kids loved it. It was a great way to introduce rounding to the nearest ten.
I purchased this candy heart graphing pack from Lori Evans. My kids also loved this.
We had our 2nd graders make their boxes at home this year. This was much easier on us and the kids loved it. We then voted to see who's was the most creative. This gigantic one is from Flo's room. I will be doing this again next year.
My 1st place boy winner.
My 1st place girl winner.

More graphing fun!!!
Today we did not have students at school. This morning we had to sit through 4 hours of torture. Our in-service was on the new M-STAR teacher rating system. Apparently they knew we would be bored out of our minds because this afternoon we had suicide prevention for an hour. Believe me, I needed suicide prevention after the 1st workshop. I can't wait to have my kiddos back tomorrow. I miss them.

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