Monday, February 4, 2013

A-Z of Teacher Me!!!!

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Here's an A-Z list you can copy and paste:

A: App

B: Book Character

C: Clip Art

D: Dollar Spot Find

E: Essential To Start Day

F: Font

G: Game

H: Holiday

I: Ice Cream

J: Jewelry Piece

K: Kid-ism

L: Location To Travel

M: Management Technique

N: Nail Polish

O: Open House Idea

P: Pinterest Find

Q: Quote

R: Read-Aloud

S: School Supply

T: TPT/TN Product

U: Un-Official Hobby

V: Video Brain Break

W: Way To Spend A Day Off

X: X-tra Special Blogs You

Y: Yummy Dessert

Z: Zoo Animal


A: App. My favorite app is a tie between Feedler and Blogsy.

B: Book Character I like Hank Zipzer

C: Clip Art. I love any of the colorful alphabet clip art sets

D: Dollar Spot Find. I love to find anything I can use in my classroom for a dollar.

E: Essential To Start Day: Coffee and diet dew

F: Font: Grade 2 Lazy

G: Game: any scoot game

H: Holiday: easy, Christmas

I: Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

J: Jewelry Piece: my wedding ring

K: Kid-ism: student: I wish yous my mama.

Me: why?

Student: causes you smell like Wal-Mart

L: Location To Travel: love to make it to the bathroom at least once a day. Lol

M: Management Technique: Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus

N: Nail Polish: clear

O: Open House Idea: a present for the parents

P: Pinterest Find: story taco

Q: Quote: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade

R: Read-Aloud: First Day Jitters

S: School Supply: Mr. Sketch markers

T: TPT/TN Product: Voice Levels Chart

U: Un-Official Hobby: teaching

V: Video Brain Break: Will I Am, Sesame Street ,What I Am

W: Way To Spend A Day Off: with my family

X: X-tra Special Blogs You ♥ I love all second grade blogs!

Y: Yummy Dessert: anything chocolate

Z: Zoo Animal: tigers



  1. How did I forget the bathroom. It such a luxury to spend some alone time in 'there'. :)
    My Second Sense

  2. This blog of yours is just precious! I am so glad that I stopped in to see it! :) Loved learning more about you through the linky! ;) Good times! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade