Friday, December 7, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Who Has the Bow!

What a week!!! The kids are getting CRAZY!!! My teaching partner, Flo and I are always joking with each other about not coming up with anything original because of Pinterest. Today she came up with an original game. She calls it Ho Ho Ho! Who Has the Bow! We played it just like Doggy, Doggy, Who Has the Bone. Instead of a bone, we used a bow. The kids loved it. Another thing she and I have done this week is go into each others room to check and see if the kids were behaving. If she came in my room and mine were behaving, she stuck a bow on the top of our whiteboard and I did the same for her class. We were competing to see who could get the most bows. Her class won. I have to be up early to go work at Breakfast with Santa in he morning. Our class is in charge of the reindeer toss.

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  1. What a cute fun game that is original! My class is going to have to play this game this week. Love the idea!
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