Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scoot Over for this Fun Game!

If you have never played scoot with your class, you have to do it tomorrow!!!!  My principal was joking that I never let my class move.  I admit I love to be in control.  We do not talk or leave our seats in my class without permission to do so.  When I found this game I knew it was just what we needed.  You can review any skill while playing scoot.   You just need flashcards and an answer sheet. I didn't have any flashcards with 3-digit addition, so I made some.  I also made a Statements and Questions Scoot game. 

How to Play:  Place a flashcard at each desk.  Because I am a control freak, my kids are not allowed to touch the cards after I lay them down on the desk.  (Their fingers are sticky!)  Each child copies the problem on their answer sheet that corresponds with the number on their flashcard and solves the problem.  When  you say scoot, the students move to the next seat with their answer sheet.  The flashcards do not move.  Students then solve the next problem.  This continues untill everyone is back at their desk.  The trick is to keep them moving so quickly they don't have time to play around.  I make my students stand like soldiers to let me know that they are ready to scoot. 

Yesterday we played addition scoot to review 3-digit addition because we were having a test on it today.

Today we played my Statements and Questions scoot game.

You can puchase these in my TPT store by clicking on the images above. 

I will give both sets to the first 5 people to pin these games on pinterest and leave a comment with a link to your pin here.  Be sure to leave your e-mail address so I can send you your free copy.

If  you like these be sure to become a follower because I am working on a subtraction scoot game and a command and exclamation scoot game.  This is a game we will be playing all year!!!


  1. I think my students would love this scoot game!

  2. Thanks for permission to pin. I love how scoot can be used to practice a variety of skills and gets the kids up and moving. Thanks for sharing!

    Ronda Cooper
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  3. I have never tried Scoot with my class before, but would love to give it a go!

    teaching with J

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  4. Not sure how to copy my pin but this looks like lots of fun!


  5. OOHH! My kids would LOVE this. They are having such a hard time with statements and questions.

    Am i too late?? My count says I am number 5!


  6. Can't wait to try it with my class to keep them moving while learning!