Saturday, September 22, 2012

October Behavior Calendar

Well my son did not win his election. He wasn't upset at all and was glad he ran. 

I decided to go ahead and make my October behavior calendar before someone had to remind me.
Click on the picture above to grab a copy for free.
We just completed Unit 1 of our Reading Series.  I finally feel like I have figured out what I am doing with this new series.  I hope to create some new things to teach the skills instead of using the boring workbook pages.  I feel like I can start the Daily 5 correctly now that I have a feel for the basal. 
Words Their Way is going great.  I love it!  I have 4 groups.  They come in on Monday morning and cut out their sorts before the bell rings.  They spend about 10 minutes a day sorting.  On Monday they do a sort and read their words to a neighbor, Tuesday they do a sort and write their words in their spelling notebook, Wednesday they do a sort and a word hunt, Thursday they do a blind sort with a partner, and on Friday morning they glue their words in their notebook.  I give one test at a time.  I would like to start making some games for them to play but I think I will tackle that in about 6 more weeks.
I am going out of town this weekend and I didn't bring a single school thing home to take with me to work on.  I plan on reading a book that Flo let me borrow several weeks ago.  What books are you reading????
I also hope to find some of these out of town since we no longer have them here.  If I find some I am going to stock up on them.  These things make everything better. 

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  1. Jalapeno poppers? Wow! Thanks for the behavior calendar! :)