Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three-Digit Subtraction FREEBIE

We have been working hard on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers with regrouping.  My class did great with subtracting two-digit numbers.  When I threw in the hundred's place they were completely thrown for a loop.  So we have been working with manipulatives this week.  I think they are finally starting to get it.  This is the hardest concept for 2nd graders to get.  I made these cards to use with my intervention students.  I just love the qr codes.  You simply go to to make your codes to copy and paste into your task cards.  Feel free to grab this freebie.  I ask that if you use it and enjoy it, that you would pin it on pinterest so that it can be shared with as many people as possible.  I just love getting ideas from other teachers.  I also love to read comments!!!!!  Just click on the picture below to download these cards from my TPT store for free.

We will start studying about MLK tomorrow.  I hope to post about our fun activities this weekend.

Next Tuesday is our 101st day of school.  We have lots of fun things planned.  I had my good friend Kristy make me this t-shirt to wear.  I love the way it turned out.  Click on the picture below to visit her Etsy shop. She also made our Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers shirts that say, "I survived 100 days of school".  They will celebrate the 100th day Friday.

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